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Brand Africa 100™:
Most Valued Brands in Africa

Brand Africa 100™ acknowledges Africa's Top 100 most admired and valued brands amongst their African peers and global peers. The inaugural Brand Africa focuses on a regional representation of sub-Saharan markets, including Botswana, DRC, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. The Brand Africa 100™, developed by Brand Leadership Academy in partnership with Academy in partnership with TNS, the globally respected consumer knowledge and information company and Brand Finance plc, the world’s leading independent valuation consultancy. It is based on a multi-tier methodology that incorporates qualitative, quantitative and secondary research. TNS constructed an Admiration Index from the responses among over 8,000 respondents across all the countries surveyed. Brand Finance then valued and ranked the resultant 100 brands to create the inaugural Brand Africa 100 list.

The Brand Africa 100™ awards have delivered some interesting results proving that African brands are making headway representing 33.7% of all the brands nominated, whilst international brands hold steady at 66.3%. A further breakdown of the African results indicate that South African brands represent 24% of the share, Nigerian brands represent 9% with Kenyan brands representing the remaining 1%.

"One of the primary drivers of Africa’s growth lies in stimulating and growing thriving African and global businesses and brands in Africa" says Brand Africa™ founder/chairman, Thebe Ikalafeng. "Consumers are the ultimate arbiters of that success. Thus the inaugural Brand Africa 100™ signals which brands are getting it right on the continent."

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