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"China has an agenda in Africa. India has an agenda in Africa. The US has an agenda in Africa. We are naïve to think that the people that come into our countries, even the ones who are here to help us, have no agenda. Everyone has an agenda. What is Africa’s agenda?" Jay Naidoo, Chairman of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, Brand Africa FORUM 2010



Recognizing the power of brands as a vector of the image, reputation and competitiveness of nations and inspired by the African Union Agenda 2063 towards an integrated, peaceful and prosperous Africa, Thebe Ikalafeng (, a renowned African branding authority and founder of the foremost Africa-focused branding advisory firm Brand Leadership Group ( established Brand Africa in 2009 as a non-profit civil society vehicle to mobilize Africans and the diaspora to proactively drive a brand-led African agenda.

Brand Africa was launched in 2010 with a Brand Africa FORUM, an intergenerational gathering of global and African decision makers, thought-leaders, influencers and youth on 16 September 2010 in South Africa immediately post the FIFA World Cup South Africa. The agenda of the first Brand Africa FORUM was to assess and leverage the impact of and leverage the equity of the first World Cup in Africa for the African brand.

The inaugural Brand Africa FORUM, which was hosted by Brand South Africa, was headlined by renowned Zambian-born economist and best-selling author of Dead Aid, Dr. Dambisa Moyo, and nation branding pioneer and best-selling author of Brand America, Simon Anholt and Professor Vijay Mahajan, best-selling of Africa Rising.

Brand Africa is an independent Non-Profit Organisation registered in the Republic of South Africa (NPC 2013/146300/08).

It is a signatory of the Independent Code of Governance for Non-Profit Organisations in Africa (



Brand Africa is an intergenerational movement to inspire a great Africa through promoting a positive image of Africa, celebrating its diversity and driving its competitiveness.

It is a brand-led movement which recognizes that in the 21st century, brands are an asset and a vector of image, reputation and competitiveness of nations.

Brand Africa seeks to inspire a brand-led African renaissance.



To inspire a great Africa and contribute to the realization of the African Union vision 2063 of an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa.



  • Mobilize and engage African and diaspora decision-makers, Thought-leaders, influencers and future leaders to shape and drive the African agenda.
  • Promote private public partnerships and a catalytic environment for economic growth, attracting foreign investment, tourism and championing active African citizenship.
  • Showcase and celebrate African capabilities, innovations and achievements.
  • Celebrate Africa’s universal values and diverse cultures and identity.
  • Inspire global African leadership excellence.


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