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The Brand Africa series of regional and diaspora Brand Africa Roundtables focus on the host country and/or regional issues and opportunities. Integral to the Roundtable deliberations are key socio-economic insights and reports on trade and investment, building African businesses and brands, nation branding, competitiveness and perceptions on Africa.

Brand Africa is a pan-African inter-generational movement to create a positive image of Africa, celebrate our identity and inspire our competitiveness.

It is a brand-driven approach which recognises that in the 21st century, brands are an asset and a key driver of value and reputation for individuals, institutions or sovereign nations and the collective African brand.

Brand Africa seeks to achieve its goals by promoting intergenerational partnerships and a catalytic environment for investment, tourism and active citizenship; celebrating and showcasing Africa’s capabilities and achievements; improving its image, and celebrating Africa’s collective and diverse cultures, values and identity.

Brand Africa is an independent and non-profit global African initiative for Africa by Africa.

One of the key catalysts for Africa’s growth, competitiveness and reputation for investment, tourism and citizenship, lies in developing and growing African and global businesses and brands in Africa.

Brand Africa 100™ is a valuation and ranking of the Best Brands in Africa. The valuation is a multi-tier royalty relief methodology that blends a brand’s financial performance and consumer admiration to create a unique index and ranking.

Brand Africa 100™ was developed by Brand Africa in partnership with Brand Finance plc, the world’s leading independent valuation consultancy and TNS, the globally respected consumer knowledge and information company. The rankings are published annually by African Business Magazine.

"One of the primary drivers of Africa’s growth lies in stimulating and growing thriving African and global businesses and brands in Africa" says Brand Africa™ founder/chairman, Thebe Ikalafeng. "Consumers are the ultimate arbiters of that success. Thus the inaugural Brand Africa 100™ signals which brands are getting it right on the continent."

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